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About Me

I’m a digital and print design professional with an affinity for creating logos and building brand identities. My creative skill-set is highly diversified, ranging across a variety of media, including brochures, flyers, posters, banners, social media ads, mobile apps, and more. I’m also proficient in designing for web, product packaging and multi-page print materials.


Bringing brands to life is my passion. Correspondingly, my mission is to continuously find refreshing and creative ways to design customer journeys that seamlessly reflect brand values at each touchpoint. Always interested in a global outlook, my work – as well as a love for travel – has taken me to over 50 countries around the world. I’ve gained clients across Europe, North America and Australia, and this international clientele has given me a unique perspective on branding across a multitude of industries, including retail, finance, food service, NGOs and service-based businesses.


I’ve studied Marketing, Branding and Design at highly accredited institutions in Toronto, Australia and England. I also earned a Master’s Degree in Design and Branding Strategy (with distinction) from Brunel University, London.


My strong attention to detail and ability to work well under short timelines is what further sets me apart as both an inspired creator and trusted collaborator. Get in touch if you have an idea or project in need of a skilled eye and a swift hand.

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